Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Design thoughts

IT is very early and my brain is already working, I also have a nasty cold, but! My brain is still creating! lol
I own an AccuquiltGO, with probably close to 10 dies, maybe a few more. I have been trying to figure out a quick an easy way to use the dies more efficiently, that is for me, more efficient for me. I tend to be self taught with most crafty things I why change now?
So, I was thinking of an applique pattern, and how can make this happen with the dies I have and not waste lots of fabric, provide visual interest
(the WOW factor)
and also give the, look at the movement .... you know choosing the color/fabric that will provide both "Love that color" and "Look at the pattern in the fabric and how it adds texture"
Continuing on with my can I do this?
First: lets begin with the dies
Look at the dies and measure the size of the shape you are wanting from that die and cut your fabric just slightly larger than needed. You always do this any with applique. Just so you know, most of my dies are for applique.
Accuquilt offers measurements with their dies. Now, at the moment I am sitting up in my family room and not near my sewing room which is downstairs so I do not have my Accuquilt near me. I don't recall if the literature included in the dies offers measurements, but I know it is online on their website. If you did not keep your literature from the dies and you don't want to do the measuring yourself, it is online.
My plan is to cut the sizes I need out of variety of fabrics (mostly jewel tone batiks), and I will have a light weight fusible already prepared on the back of the batiks. I plan on preparing a group of fat quarters for this project.
About a month ago I came across a garage sale that had Sulky and YLI threads for sale! I hit the jackpot! I bought a container of them. I will be using these threads for the applique.
I will post my progress of this idea/projects as they will be a little while though, my schedule is very full.
Happy Sewing!

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