Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fantabulous Feathers and Frivolous Fillers class

This past weekend I was on the west side of Michigan at
Accomplish Quilting.
Accomplish Quilting is an Innova longarm machine dealership.
I was teaching Fantabulous Feathers and Frivolous Fillers class, 2 days, 2 classes, 25 students (13 students on Friday and 12 on Saturday).
I had a wonderful time!!
I never thought my class would fill up, I'm very new to teaching longarm classes, I've taught one on one, but not was kind of eye opening for me. I loved it though and I'm ready to do it the spring.................not in the winter........not driving over to the west side of the state.....a little too dangerous..........Love Accomplish Quilting staff, but not that much! LOL
So, with no further delay, here are a few pictures:
This was Friday's class, I had an extra student. Class capacity was suppose to be 12, but somehow an extra person got signed up and she was not put on the roster. You know what? It doesn't matter. I had a blast and we were able to fit her in!! And that is what is important!!
Another picture from Friday's class, these ladies were wonderful!!
Saturday's class, also, great students!! I had 2 men in this class and they were awesome! Poor Greg was tired though. He had a bit of a drive ahead of him and didn't sleep well the night before. So he left about 30 minutes before class let was over. I totally understand how he felt.
One of my favorite parts of teaching was going to each student's area and asking them if they would like for me to draw/stitch the design for them, they could trace it! Then I would go back a little while later and wow! They were doing wonderful! I enjoyed talking with all of them! It seems like each was willing to also share with each other and offer tips they had picked up along their longarm quilting journey!
I had all levels of students in both classes. I even learned something! Ha! You can never never never know all there is to know about anything! I want to always be able to learn, always be open to learning.
I hope my students went away feeling more confident and were able to take something (knowledge/tip/technique) home the class.
The staff and I had a discussion about how to improve the classroom. So come spring time, everyone will be able to see better. We are gonna rearrange the sitting/viewing area so everyone can see what the teacher is doing :)
My spring classes will be on the schedule soon. I'm hoping to also be teaching at a few quilt shows with Accomplish Quilting.
Happy Sewing everyone!!


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