Friday, April 5, 2013

It's Friday and the stress....

Good morning world!! My stress level has dropped almost completely! I have finished 2 huge projects, I feel like I can breathe now. I slept pretty good too, no worries...well I have 1 more huge project and I am counting down the days....18 days till I leave...can't say what it is yet....

Last night I was the guest speaker at the Oakland County Quilt Guild. I brought all my quilts and did a trunk show!! I had a blast. I really like this guild.

Today, well today I am going to attack my house!!

Yesterday I ran over to Marshal's to pick up a bundle of their .99cent bags. I use them to return customer quilts in or I use them to carry my quilts to my trunk shows. So....while I was there I decided I would do a little "shopping". I wandered back to the home décor  and found this king size comforter set on sale!! I walked away, I did not buy it....yet............. I purchased my bags and left the store. Hopped in my truck and called my hubby and told him about the comforter. He said, "go buy it!" ok you only have to tell me 1x!!

So today, after I clean my house, I plan on making a bedrunner, pillows and pillowcases for my new comforter set!! I wanted something that was bright and cheerful for our room. I'm going to choose soft greens and blues to accent and hang white sheers. What do you think? I will put up another picture after I finish making the other things.

Happy Sewing everyone!!

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