Sunday, April 28, 2013

oooo, it has been a while since I blogged...

oops!! I did not realize I had not been blogging. So, I guess I better get started!!
Lots has gone on this past week. I still can't reveal what I did last week, top secret for a few more months. But I will say I had no idea I would like being in front of a camera!! What fun I had! And it looks like I will get to do this again, I'm super excited!
Also last week, my boys (3 oldest) were deep into college finals! They were all busy studying, and so far so good! Very proud of them!! My husband also received a promotion at work, way to go BABE!
Earlier in the week, I had to go pick up my sweet little grand daughter from daycare. I only had her for a little bit, but what a cutie she is and just so sweet!!
I reconnected with a friend from High School. I love hearing about what people have done with their lives in the last 30 years and I so wish I could live back in my home town of Rock Hill, SC. I miss it.
I've been working on a few designs for quilting, but due what I did last week, I missed sending my designs in to the publisher. I'm ok with it though, I need to work on so many things here to get caught up with life: home life and quilting life. So they break of huge deadlines over me is nice. I do have about 4 customer quilts that need to be quilted on the longarm this week, but I am ok with this. I've ordered Carol Doak's legal size newsprint paper for a quilt that I have due to Quiltmaker magazine. That is due in June. And that leads me to my next topic!!!!
I have a block in the newest issue of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks!! I will have more information on the blog tour which begins tomorrow, so make sure you stay tuned in!!!

Here is what I was playing with in EQ7. I saw this quilt in a different magazine, I think it made the cover? Anyway, I love this!! doesn't look like fun to make? If I can find the magazine, I will make sure I give the designer the credit!! Great work!
Today is our oldest child's birthday. Kate is 27 years old today. Happy Birthday Beautiful!! I'm making dinner for you today :)

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