Monday, March 25, 2013

New week!!!

Hello everyone!!
It is Monday, a new week has begun!
This morning I began my day by pressing HST for a quilt due to QM magazine. This quilt is due very soon!! It is for their July/August issue. I think it was a last minute acceptance for them as a filler, but dang is it a big quilt! It is a king! I designed it, so it is my fault! So...a quilting I will go all week!
So what is everyone up to these days?
What projects or project are you working on?
Do you only sew?
Do you knit?
That is all for today, I must get to work!!
Happy Monday everyone!


  1. I am working on a HST quilt right now too! Granted, mine is not going into a magazine, but it is for my new grand daughter so I am thrilled to have begun.

    Good luck on getting yours finished in time.

    in Seattle

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