Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rise and Shine, I've started early today

Rise and Shine world! Yep, I woke up awfully early today and could not go back to sleep! I believe I was up by 4:30am, I tried to go back to sleep..just kept tossing and turning..finally gave in and got out of bed. I had lots on my mind that was occupying my brain.
Quilts, family, friends, events, a grandma soon, graduating my 3rd son this year, traveling, quilt shows, designing quilts, reading a good mind just would not turn off! Ever have one of those nights? morning? Might as well just get up and make use of the brain power that is going on! Put it to good use!
I began designing a quilt in honor of my Pastor's wife Bonnie. Pastor and Bonnie were married for 32 years and have 3 grown children and 1 daughter in law. Bonnie was a Pastor's wife. A Pastor's wife has to be willing to give up her husband anytime of the day or night, duty calls for him. She led our women's ministry at church for a very long time. Always there for the women. I've seen Bonnie in action, I've seen her listening to women. Bonnie would sit close to them and place her arm around them to console them. She had lots of wisdom to share and give.  Her face would glow when one of her children would perform a song at church, play an instrument(their children are very talented muscians)...proud momma! and poppa!
Bonnie suffered for over 5 years with breast cancer. A couple of years ago she was given a clean bill of health, then it came back...back with a vengence! Bonnie had Triple Negetive Breast Cancer. She battled with it as long as she could. She died a little over a week ago.
Bonnie was in several clinical trials to kill this cancer, her body just could not take any more. We all loved you Bonnie.
I did not know Bonnie as well as other church members. When we moved here, 5 years ago, was about the time she had started her first chemo/radiation. Bonnie was not at church, she was sick from the treatment. For the longest time I only knew "of Bonnie". When I finally met Bonnie she was still weak, but my first thoughts were she is pretty, I like this Texas gal! Most of the time I would see her standing with her arms folded across her stomach when she was listening to someone. I loved to watch her make a "joke" or a little remark...cuz she would move her head in a "sassy" kind of way and giggle! Bonnie had a beautiful smile and classy sense style! Bonnie was beautiful all around.
Bonnie was a "scrapper"! Yes, she enjoyed scrapbooking. Ido know one thing about her, she did not like the color purple....One day I was trying to find out Bonnie's favorite color and I was told she liked everything but purple, this was told to me by her daughter Abby. Ok, no purple it is then, make note...don't put purple in Bonnie's quilt! <-this was from a quilt I made for her a few years ago.
I designed 2 quilts in honor of Bonnie this past week. I don't know which one I like best, so here goes....let me know which one you like.

I asked three of my boys to come see the two quilts I designed. Sons Joe and Steve like the first one, Chris likes the second one and I like both of them! Which one do you like?


  1. I like the first one the best. : )

  2. I like them both but would have to say that I favor the first one over the second.

  3. I really like them both but favor the first one over the second.

  4. I like the second one, very much! Though the first one is lovely also. I would make the second one with a smaller outer border, though.


  5. i like the first one even though the second has looks of crosses in it