Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hello World!

I'm so excited! Let me tell you why!
Earlier in the month of February I was told by an editor of a magazine that I would hear if my submission made the cut by the end of Feb. Ok, so the impatient person that I am, checked email everyday almost hourly!! Well of course I would not hear anything when I am doing that! So, by this past Friday, since I had not heard anything at all I gave up and figured that I would get the "rejection" email later on. So....jump forward to yesterday. It was around 3pm. I knew I had a few minutes to check email, but I was not looking for anything in particular. I would have to leave in a few minutes to take my son John to work. I sat down, logged into email and lo and behold...there it is...meanwhile, my son John is standing beside me asking me to help him finish his laundry while he is at work (all my kids have to do their own laundry)....you can probably guess that I am ignoring him and reading my email from the editor. I'm still expecting the reject though...and there it was!!! My design was accepted!!! WOOHOOO!! I screamed with glee that my design was accepted!! Poor John was still standing there trying to ask me about his laundry! lol
Finally, I said, "what? and John do you realize? I just got in another magazine!!!" He grinned, gave me a "hi-5" and said, "never mind mom I will go switch out my laundry" LOL poor guy...then while he was driving (he is driving and I'm sitting in the passenger seat) he says, "mom, I think we need to celebrate this new magazine you got in." Ok, how john? "by having STEAK for dinner!" LOL, oh you are paying?!! He just grinned that "john" grin ...no mom....lol
Anyway, my block was accepted into Vol. 5 of Quiltmaker magazine. This will be out in May. My quilt design is going in one of their special publications that will be out in the later part of this year. I can't show you anything yet, sorry!
I have so many designs in my head, that sometimes I can't sleep! They wake me up. I think I should put a special lamp, notepad and pencil on my nightstand so I can write my ideas down.
And on another happy note, I don't have to make dinner tonight. It is Kate's night...lol...I wonder if she remembered?

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  1. Congratulations - can't remember -- didn't you get "published" in another magazine recently? How many is that? You are on a roll! 8-))