Thursday, March 1, 2012

I hear spring is coming (quilt pics included)

Yep, I hear spring is coming! It is March is snowing....someone needs to inform Mr. Weatherman that he should not say those things on tv and tease us! LOL
Yesterday was a very busy day. But I wanted to share some pics with y'all. They are family pics and quilt pics
Chris playing his bass at church

Chris, Josh and Steve. Chris and Steve are 2 of my boys

Chris and youngest brother John...what can I say? I have a musical family!
Last night after church we had to stay for another practice. Steve wants us to do a special at church "Praise Him with a Dance" by Casting Crown. Steve rounded up everyone that he wants to be in this special. He does not know when we will be performing, that will come later.

Also yesterday, I received a box in the mail!! A box of quilts! Quilts that belong to me!! So here is the first book that my work is in!! Out of 9 quilts in this book, 3 are mine!! How sweet is that?!
Front cover of book, Release date is March 2, 2012

Can you find my 3 bedrunners?

I think they all look like carpet runners or throw rugs!!

this one was a bear to piece all those triangles! but I did it!

Kate has informed me that I can display this one at Christmas time in the foyer....I think I will

So there ya have it! All in all it was a great day yesterday
Take care everyone and happy sewing!

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