Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ah the new year is here

Yes, the new year is here and we are back into the swing of things. Everything has started back up after having 2 weeks off. And ol'man winter has hit the USA hard! Lots of places are bitterly cold, including us...I don't like the cold!
Not much is going on in the sewing room. I have Roanoke's quilt on the longarm. I'm sewing tiny little circles that are about the size of a pencil eraser wrist hurts...I'm procrastinating again on finishing it. I need to finish it because I have 2 more quilts of her's and then 1 from another person. I've managed to design the whole cloth quilt that my chiropractor has ordered...that is going to take a long time to finish, but it will be gorgeous! I also have 3 quilt patterns that I need to work on. I need to get the math down and get these patterns submitted, I just don't know which magazine to contact yet.
Bible study was great last night. I was nervous, but everything went well. The study is "for women only" by Shaunti Feldhaun. When we finish this study we are going to do Beth Moore's "The Inheritance". I will be hosting these studies until the last week of April.
A new responsibility has been added to my plate, I'm co-leading women's ministry at church. I'm hoping that Bonnie and I can get one more person to come on board to share the responsibility. Need to pray about that. Bonnie and I are meeting tomorrow morning over breakfast to start planning our women's banquet. I'm looking forward to this!! I think it is going to be great! Now to find all the supplies we need for decoration. Bonnie has some great ideas, I'm looking forward to working with her this year!
Next week the boys have their audition for Oklahoma. Our drama club, which is with our homeschool co-op, is gearing up for our next play. Last year's play was Fiddler on the Roof. Chris has already gotten his part, he is playing Jude. Steve and John have to audition. I went to the library yesterday to get the movie for them to watch again and someone has it checked out...bummer. I need to go back there tomorrow and see if it has been turned back in.
The weekend of January 15 my family and I are heading up to Bambi Lake, 3 hours north of here. Our praise team, at church, has been asked to play at the youth winter retreat. Joe and I are on the praise team. It is going to be interesting to see us 40+yr olds playing for the youth! We have been told we need "to rock it out"! Oh yeah right! We have some rocking songs though!!
Time for me to go prepare for the high school kids to arrive for our class today....I need to get off the computer. I wish I had pictures to post of the latest quilt projects, but I don't..bummer. Till next time....

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