Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, I can't believe it is here and I'm not really in the "spirit of Christmas". I don't know why either. I wanted to decorate more, but we can't figure out where the rest of the deocrations went...hahaha...that is funny though. I don't want to go spend money on something we truly don't need, other things must be taken care of first. Presents this year are lean, we spent the money on the boys...they wanted larger presents this year...and John no longer wants toys. I officially am a mom to teenagers!

Today I do have to begin cooking. We have our big dinner today! We are having dinner with the Nichols family, Larry, Melissa, Marissa and Bryce. Their other two children, Cody and Myiah will be with their mom until later on in the evening. So prime rib is on the menu! I'm looking forward to our day together.

Joe took two weeks off from work this time. He spent his first two days off doing not much of anything. He needed to just rest. Yesterday he worked on a couple of projects, some repairs on the house, that kept him busy.

I've been dealing with somethings and I need to figure out if this is how to handle the situation. This will be a huge year for education on dealing with women, being a part of the leadership of our church's women minisitry. I'm somewhat nervous and overwhelmed. Prayers are needed. I know that when something wonderful is going to happen that satan can't stand it and he gets his dirty little hands in wherever he can and causes chaos...and he did just that. Lord, please give us guidance!

My sewing has been kind of well...not so much these last few days. I've had to keep myself occupied with other things and today will be cleaning and cooking. Tomorrow after the kids open their presents I will be able to play with fabric. I think I'm going to rip the quilt apart that I pieced together and place the blocks in another direction/pattern.

The week after Christmas I have several tasks that I need to do. I have to read for school, trying to figure out the biblical allusions for our 2nd semester, prepare the high school kids for the term paper, get the middle school kids writing more and catch them up in their workbooks (the books arrived about a month late) and finish planning the school year. I need to find some great essay topics too.

I have a quilt project though that is going to require some attention. My chiropractor has ordered a whole cloth quilt from me. I have the fabric, now I have to lay the pattern out, basically draw it on a regular sheet of paper then transfe the design to fabric....except the fabric is dark can't see the drawing lines which will become the stitiching lines...this is going to be fun!

Speaking of quilting, I'm going to upload my latest blocks. I've been working on the mystery quilt "Carolina Christmas" from Bonnie Hunter of Bonnie designs fantastic scrappy quilts and she has outdone herself again!

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