Monday, February 16, 2009

Quilts from the past

"Quilts from the Past", I'm not referring to historical quilts, but my own quilts. About ten years ago I began piecing a quilt known as "Shakespeare in the Park". I really and truly don't know what I was thinking trying to make this quilt, but I made it a goal. I remember getting frustrated with the quilt blocks, so many pieces and working with triangles that had bias edges. I even went as for as to cut another color wave. I was gluten for punishment (I hope I spelled that correctly)
I put the quilt away from the frustration and not being able to see a completed top any time in the near future. I've picked the quilt up again and put it on my UFO list. When I was rumaging through the bag labeled "Shakespeare in the Park" I realized I had finished more blocks than I had thought. I had 20 of the Snail's Trail blocks finished. hmmm, now that was inspiring, maybe just maybe I can finish this quilt. Still take my time, but finish it this year. I think I can do this. I separated the blocks out into little workable/doable sections. I don't get as overwhelmed this way. I also have to do that with the Double Delight quilt from Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilts from January I will take all year to work on both of these quilt.
I've uploaded my progress of Shakespeare in the Park, including a picture of the book and a picture of what the completed quilt show look like. Except I went with a different color pallete.

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