Thursday, February 13, 2014

Preparing for next week

This week is all about getting ready for next week! LOL
Next week, I fly to Mississippi.
Jackson, Mississippi to be exact :)
I can't wait to arrive!
While I am there, I will be teaching my Feathers class,
Fantabulous Feathers and Frivolous Fillers
at Stitch-n-Frame quilt shop located in Vicksburg, MS.
My feathers class is Friday.
Over the weekend I will spend with one of my best friends Dorinda!
I'm hoping that she and I can spend time piecing together and visiting with old friends.
I have not see these ladies in about 7 years.
Who are these ladies?
I met them when I lived in Mississippi 7 years ago. My husband's work took us down there for a short stay, only 3 years.
I became a member to Jackson Quilters guild, Quilts by Hearts Desire and Brandon Quilt Guild. I will be teaching 2 workshops while I am down there. One for Jackson Quilters and one for the Brandon guild.
The weekend is my only "down" time, but once Monday hits, we will be pretty busy till I fly back home on Thursday.
Thank you Roanoke for my flight!
Now to go a little backwards, I started out this morning talking about preparing for next week, well now lets talk about last week, I will begin with Virginia Beach and end with what I worked on Yesterday:
Founders Inn and Spa
Atrium where the Innovas were set up

Sorry this quilt turned sideways, I can't get it to rotate :( it is a giraffe) This quilt was made on the longarm machine by Jo Ann Blade and Kim Diamond
one of the classrooms
Again, I can't get the picture to load correctly :(. So, this is a seahorse the quilt was made on the longarm machine by Jo Ann Blade and Kim Diamond
 The two quilt pictures: Sea horse and giraffe, I cannot tell you how gorgeous these 2 pictures are!!! Those two ladies are so talented and so wonderful!
I learned how to use the Innova 18" sit down longarm machine. I love it! If you don't have space for stand up machine set up then this is the way to go!!!
 That was last on to this week :)

And here is a little more, don't know if you can see the work, but I stitched 1/8" curved cross hatching lines using Lisa Calle's Arcs.

I arrived home on Monday. I missed my family!! I enjoyed my experience in Virginia Beach, but there is nothing like coming back home and your kids (ages 27-17) giving you big hugs cuz they missed you! On Tuesday morning, my youngest son, John, who did not get to hug me on Monday when I arrived home (we saw each other in passing in our cars) walked over to me right after he woke up and gave me the biggest hug!!! OH I love my family!
Happy Sewing everyone!!!

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