Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Monday

Hello world!
What a wonderful weekend!
On Saturday, I taught at the Village Quilt shop. I taught the Hunter's Star using the Rapid Fire ruler.
I had a great class!
Over the next couple of months I want to teach some old favorites and I plan on working on a "skill building" class. I've been working on the skill building lessons for a couple of years, just have not offered it yet. When I am ready I plan on taking videos of it and posting on my blog. I will also be doing some more longarm videos. Little tutorials! Don't you just love those! And you know what? I don't mind showing you where I mess up! None of us are perfect!
I plan on watching Jamie Wallen and following his tutorials this year also. He is such a wonderful longarm quilter. You can never learn enough! He is a great teacher! When I get the chance I will try to post what I learn from him also. You should check him out. Another favorite longarm quilter is Dusty Farrell. Both of these men are phenomenal quilters!
Sorry I don't have anymore than this to post. I have to get off the computer...time to get moving!
Happy Sewing!

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