Sunday, January 12, 2014


My first post for 2014, what a way to begin a year! Maybe I need to fill you in since my last post, how about some pictures? OR maybe a video?
Last week I put a customer's quilt on my new longarm machine:
Innova 26" with Lightning Stitch
This is me! I'm working on my customer's quilt: Phyllis. She loved her quilt when she picked it up. Phyllis did not want feathers, leaves, vines...none of the normal things. She allowed me to do something different! I fell in love with this quilting. All the blocks are different and guess what? It is a king size quilt!
Once I finished Phyllis's quilt it was time to put on the next king size quilt...there is still 1 more king size quilt to load after this one...
 This customer commissioned me to make their son who is 6ft7in tall!! Poor kid! He can't find any blankets that are tall enough for him. He asked me if I could make him a Green Lantern Quilt. He sent me a picture and I came up with this. I really hope he likes it.
Here is a picture of the quilting in the center of the quilt. The lines are 1/4" apart! No ruler!!
I have some wonderful news!! I will be teaching 4 classes at NQA!!
National Quilting Association
The show is May 23-25, 2014
Columbus, OH
I will be teaching 2 piecing classes and 2 longarm classes and they are:
Friendship Rings:
Cosmic Vibrations:
 The top quilt is the one published in Quiltmaker magazine
This is the smaller version I bring to class :)
For the 2 longarm classes:
Now this is just a small sample of my work. I'm teaching a ruler class and what I call "Mix it up" class. I will post those pictures later.
I will be traveling a lot this year! I'm so excited!! I will let you know where I'm going about a month before and if you are nearby please stop by and say hi! I would love to meet you!
Happy Sewing everyone!!

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