Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Auntumn is in the air...and so is winter

Autumn is in the air and so is winter...we are waking up to frost in the morning and the heat is on in the house. I'm feeling the need to get the yard ready for the winter. I will have to close up my "passion pit" (side screened in porch that my sister named passion pit). We will have to put the glass back into the window openings, take the screens and store them in the basement. Plants will have to be brought in that I would like to attempt to save over the winter and hopefully they can live in the house. I'm going to have the boys bring in the wicker furniture and store it in one of the rooms in the basement too.
I'm also ready to paint more rooms in my home! My friend's husband is going to paint our foyer for us, it is a 2 story foyer. They need the money so I don't mind helping them out at all. They are a great family! Speaking of painting, there are other rooms that need to be painted. Chris' room is ready and so is his bathroom. That will probably be first on my list, then paint the stairwell to the basement. My plan is while my friend's husband is painting the foyer, I can paint the hallway that comes off the foyer. That would be nice to have that all done at once!
Quilting: not much going on in the quilt world for me. I did manage to finish 2 quilt tops that I gave away and a friend's quilt. I have about 10 quilts now that need to go on the machine, I'm glad I have no deadlines for those quilts! This Saturday, my quilting group is coming over. We are going to head over to the Village Quilt Shoppe for the quilt show, then come back here for lunch and head down to the basement for a day of sewing! Some of us are going to begin piecing a "weaver fever" quilt. Yep, starting another project when I have not finished the other one....that would be Steve's quilt that should have been finish over a year ago...oops! I get distracted very easily.
My weeks are so busy right now. Monday is the middle school level co-op, every other Tuesday is Meadows co-op, Tuesday night I host a women's bible study here, Wednesday is the high school co-op, afterwards we all rush out of the house to head for church. There we have youth praise band practice and bible study classes. Man when Thursday gets here I am absolutely exhuasted! I look forward to sitting in my bed wrapped up in blankets, door closed and I watch Grey's Anatomy! I noticed in the last show that they have Meredith in bed...she is pregnant...you could tell. Funny. oh well that is Hollywood.
Today though, after our Meadows group, I am taking my son Chris to the doctor. He has lost 40lbs in about 3 months. I've noticed that he is tiring very easily, some days he is so pale. I'm hoping it is because he grew. He is already over 6ft, but he looks like he could be almost 6'3" now! Praying there is nothing wrong with him and that it was only a growth spurt.
Last night I hosted a Premier Jewelry party. I had a blast and made a new friend at church. She is the rep. for PJewelry. Glenda is her name, and she is so nice! Learned a lot about her last night, I really like her!
Well, I have to get moving now, time to go get my day moving.
~till next time....taking it one~stitch~at~a~time Nancy

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