Thursday, September 17, 2009

School has started...leaves are turning

Summer is suppose to still be here, but the leaves are already know what that means....winter is not far off...sigh

We have started our new school year with a bang! I'm hosting a middle school level history, science, literature and writing class, and a high school level here in my home.
I have not been able to piece (quilt) very often these days due to home schooling. I'm going through withdrawals so I decided to have all my quilting buddies over on Saturday! I can't wait to see everyone! We clear out my family room and set up tables for everyone to sew at. There will be about 8 of us, it is going to be a blast!!!

Back to homeschooling, I'm a little disappointed in 2 of my high school students. They have been in this writing class for 2 years and their first essay for this year was extremely poor. I will be sending their essays back home for them to rework. I was impressed with the others' though! Very good content! Way to go kids! I think this group is going to be a blast! I have 3 girls too...a little distracting for those boys though...the girls are cute.

That is all for now....

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  1. Woman! You never cease to amaze me. Man, we could use your quilting supplies expertise-Cass is taking the quilting class at HSC and we must buy the goodies for it this weekend-

    Glad to know you are up and running with the schooling, we are too.

    Do take care!