Thursday, October 15, 2015

I've missed you Blog!!!

Over a year ago, I was talked into using a different source for my blog.
They said it would be easier to use
more traffic
connected directly to your new website!

My relationship with that new blog....not so good!

I struggled with getting it up and running, I don't know why, just not as easy to use as this one.

SO!! I'm back!!

Hello everyone! I'm back on blogger/blogspot!

Its been a long time and a lot has taken place! Let's begin with some pictures!!

Pictures are always good!!

My quilt Rock Around the Block is in this issue. If you decide to make the quilt and do not want to make the template, I have had it professionally made. Just send me an email or comment on the blog. The template is
$5.00+ shipping

I love this picture of the booth! I was vending at the Lansing, Michigan Capital City quilt guild show for Innova Longarm, dealership "Accomplish Quilting

In September (2015) I was a guest on PBS TV show Quilting Arts. I filmed 2 segments with Susan! I had such a blast!!

I'm setting up my table for one of the segments, Jeff Benedict is taking my first project off  our Innova longarm.
Jeff delivered 2 innova machines for the set that day. I was on the stand up machine and Andrea was on the sit down. She also filmed 2 segments.

I'm talking with the producer

Arranging things ...can you see the white quilt?

Here is a better picture, I'm in the process of setting up for segment 1. The quilt in the back ground is Rock Around the Block, the one I mentioned in the beginning of my blog post

Before anything happens.....we left it just as we found it...except, I took my quilt home! LOL

This was segment 2 from Quilting Arts, my wholecloth collage quilting. Oh! I had so much fun!!

I hope I can continue to interest everyone! I feel great about being back! This feels like HOME!

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